How to throw a dart: getting a grip on the basics

How to throw a dart: getting a grip on the basics

When you play darts there a few things to consider to help you achieve your goal. In a nutshell, the objective of your dart grip is to keep the end of the dart pointing slightly up in each throwing stage. Your grip should be stable, firm and not put tension on the muscles of your fingers. It's important to reproduce the same grip, shot after shot. Sound like too much too remember? Let’s walk through it, nice and steady.


To throw consistent darts, you need a comfortable, natural grip that works for you. For this, make sure your darts are the best weight for your throwing style, and that the dart shaft that holds the flights is the right length for your throwing style. The dart should feel comfortable in your hand. Experiment with a longer or shorter shaft or a different style of dart barrel (thinner, thicker, rougher, smoother) until the balance and feel seem natural to you.


Try keeping the weight of your body on your front foot, leaning slightly forward with the back foot secure on the floor. Do your best to keep your body balanced with as little movement as possible for best accuracy. 


The throwing action must be smooth with the same arm movement each time.  Also, follow through with your arm pointing at the target on release. Following through tends to improve your performance although this is not "written in stone ". If you over extend during your follow through you may feel pain in the inside elbow. Reduce your follow through and release the dart slightly earlier. If you need to straighten out darts that "lob" toward the board then instead of throwing the dart harder and destroying your aim throw the dart a little faster. This way extra force is not exerted by your hand but just by the speed of your arm and the release of the dart in the same trajectory.


Concentrate only on the intended target – exactly where on the dartboard you want your dart to land – and block out all other distractions around you. Look at the target (the spot you want to hit) and only throw when you are focused on the spot even if you have to relax again and refocus later before throwing.

Now you’ve got the basics sorted, reinforce your good habits by playing and practising often. Check out our other practice ideas.   

And cheers to USA Darts Champion Chris White for the tips.