The premium African sisal we have always used in the board is the finest out there.  Grown in Kenya to high specifications, it is conditioned to ensure the highest level of clarity and colour.  That sisal is packed into the board to strict specification around optimal depth and density, a typical Bandit dartboard has 74000m equivalent sisal in one board.  The Bandit board boasts an ultra- high percentage of sisal depth compared to other traditional boards in the market.

That is a fantastic 3.7million fibres compressed into each of the boards!  This choice of this premium sisal has always given The Bandit outstanding durability and self-healing qualities and it will continue to do so with the next generation boards. 

Similarly, the fact this dartboard is 100% staple-free won't change, the micro bladed 0.6mm wires on the Bandit have always been an impressive 50% thinner than other boards, for 16% more playing area giving players consistently higher scores.  The Bandit was revolutionary in the way it virtually eliminated bounce-outs – no alterations required there.

We kept the composite board edging, it always gave the Bandit a clean finished look and allowed for easy clip on and off number ring rotation which players love.