Helping Others

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Scotty Burnett

My article this time around is not about practice routines, or set up or preparation. More about being thankful for what you have and what you can do for your fellow players!

As seasoned players, it is usually easy to spot the newbies at your local events or leagues. I encourage you to get involved with them! Help teach them about the etiquette and rules of the game. But more importantly, set them up with a proper set of you old darts!

Frequently new players are using "bar" darts or an ancient set of brass darts they found in a shoe box with a beer logo on them. If you are anything like me, I have MANY sets of darts. Take a few minutes and talk with this player. Present him some options in how darts come in different sizes and shapes. See what he might like. Then give him a set of your old darts!

Not only are you starting this new player off with a decent set of darts, but you are helping them start their journey into our great game! In a short time, this player will start to get a feel for what they want, and go and purchase a good quality set on their own. Then encourage them to pay it forward to another new player!

This is the spirit and soul of our game that other sports are lacking. It is the heart of our players that drives our game. And the passion we have is infectious!

So do me, no US a favor and pay it forward! Not only will it warm your heart but more importantly will warm the heart of your new player!