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By Matt Clark

Hi again all you darters. My hint and tip for this month is a very simple one, yet I see it not being done all the time, even by some Pros. I have even found myself doing it and normally on the days of an early exit from a tournament! Move as little of your body as possible! Let your arm do the work! Sounds easy and there are just a handful of Pros that get away with this rule, but even those players suffer if it's not going right on the day! Moving as little of your body as possible will improve your averages and grouping (it can't guarantee you hitting the doubles If you move your body a lot and find some days you hit everything and other days hit nothing, that is probably why. It will feel funny to start with but stick with it, it will make a big difference!

Start off by keeping your body still, even if your back leg still moves a little. One step at a time, practice just moving your arm, body still, no snatching or shoulder pushing, let your arm do the work. Once you have mastered that, then work on that back leg, get your stance correct and keep your back leg still and in contact with the floor at all time. Again it will feel odd, but once you have all these things mastered your averages and grouping will improve, then it's just down to practice practice practice! It's the simple things put together that will make the whole dart player package, so get on the practice board and get the little things right and we will see you on the circuit...

Yours in darts
Matt 'Superman' Clark