Youth Darts

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By Scotty Burnett

Hi all, I want to go off topic from my recent posts and talk about something many players and organizers tend to overlook. Youth Darts! I started playing darts with my father when I was around 16 years old. I was never involved in organized youth darts, I am not even sure it was available in my area back then. But my dad was excited and I was interested in playing with him and friends in the garage. Youth Darts is the key to making sure our great game continues well past our generation! Many great players came through various youth programs. Chris White for one was a Canadian Youth National Champion MANY years ago lol.

Youth Darts teaches the kids many valuable lessons that go way beyond darts. Good sportsmanship and proper etiquette will go a long way in life, and taught at an early age will help in making sure our youth players will grow up to be successful adult players if they choose to do so. I know for myself, I tend to get numbers mixed up. To this day it is still hard for me to do math on the fly. It is more about remembering what you have left if single or next pie triple is hit.

So if your kids are interested in playing, get them started off playing the right way. Give them some basic practice routine to work on. Who knows; the next Phil Taylor may be sleeping in your house!!!

Scotty Burnett