AJ Tekira

A J Tekira

DATE OF BIRTH October 1990

Kiwi dart thrower AJ Tekira is a regular competitor on the New Zealand darts circuits, and has steadily been rising over the ranks in recent years.

From Wellington, New Zealand, Tekira has reached the two of the last three finals at the New Zealand Open Men’s tournament, losing to fellow Shot player Haupai Puha. 

Another career highlight was reaching the last 64 of the World Darts Federation World Cup singles in 2019. 

How did you get into darts? My mum and dad have always played and most of my extended whanau, but my cousin Vio took me along to my first game one night after rugby training and I got hooked!

Dart tip: Maths training.  Counting is one of the biggest parts of the game to keep your flow going and not having to stop to count in your head it upsets your rhythm.

Favourite practise routine: I play 10 games of 501 against the board but I have to finish 15 darts or less if I don’t - that's 1 leg to the board. This tip is a bit different but before a tournament I usually play games of chess or do a few sudoku puzzles to get my mind strong and prepared.

Walk on Song: Three Little Birds- Bob Marley