Gordon Mathers

Gordon Mathers

DATE OF BIRTH September 1981
Gordon is a professional darts player from Australia, now based in the UK full time after gaining his tour card with the PDC in early 2021, after playing in the BDO for a decade prior.

Gordon started playing darts back in 1998 and is renowned for being a top-shelf darts player in Australia for the last decade with a massive 14 titles under his belt.

GG is a true Aussie battler - a resilient player constantly pushing his boundaries. His focus on growth and success has allowed him to push himself to new heights recently and we're stoked to be on that journey with him.

Walk on Song: Cold Chisel-Khe Sanh

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

When did you start playing darts? How did you get into darts?

I became involved in darts through my dad Gordon. He was a member of the local club Carole Park, later becoming president for about 15 years. He was and still is my inspiration to pursue my goals. I probably only realised my full potential and belief in myself about 10-12 years ago, I was happily playing with my mates at Carole Park, went along to a local DPA tournament with a member of Carole Park named Steve King. Made a semi-final in the first tournament losing out to Shaun Reid, a world championship representative, I was hooked on progressing to the Australian pro tour more permanently. Having the backing of your wife and family is half the battle about travelling worldwide and is massive. Without that, you simply cannot do it.  

Dart Tips

My biggest tips would be the more work you put in the more rewards you get back. Practice Practice Practice when you’re just starting out. Grouping your darts is key when starting out so do routines to help with that.