Jason Watt

Jason Watt

DATE OF BIRTH December 1978
Jason, AKA "Notorious BDG"  found love for the game at a very early age. He was introduced to darts by his Uncle (Forest Hall) at the age of 15. Playing with his Uncle at his house he honed his skills until he reached the age of 21.
In April of 2020 Jason started "Darts with Jason Watt" that eventually changed to "The Bearded Dart Guy". He streamed matches for the world to see during the pandemic and is know as the "Notorious BDG" today. He plans to focus on the CDC tour and larger steel tip events in 2023.

Walk on Song: Hypnotize by Notorious Big

Hometown: Indiana

Career Highlights:

  • Cleveland Extravaganza Mixed Trips - 1st
  • Seacoast Open - Mixed Trips 1st
  • Buckeye Open - 501 Singles 2nd
  • Virginia Beach Classic 501 singles T8