Termote 2.0 Light

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The Bulls Termote Plus 2.0 LED Bullet lighting system can easily catch darts without losing any damage. Great for Clubs and pubs.

With the included hooks, this light system is quick and easy to install.



Extremely easy to install

Termote LED Dimmer included - Ultra light weight (650 grams)

Total no shadow on your dartboard

Comes complete with adapter, cord and plug  

Technical specifications:
Width: 72 cm 

Depth: 11 cm

Length of cord: 3 meters 

Number of LEDs: 120-

Voltage: 12V 

Connection: 12V DC connector - Production quality: CE and ROHS certified

Please note Termote light only fits around 1 piece surround and is compatible with Shot 1 piece Dartboard Surround