All you need to know about Bristle Dartboards

All you need to know about Bristle Dartboards

With the amount of play and punishment your dartboard will receive over its lifetime, it makes sense to go for quality. But what should you be looking for when choosing a bristle dartboard?

Density and depth

The right density and depth are paramount for optimal scoring potential, enabling darts to penetrate the board properly and be less likely to bounce out. A board that offers about 60% bristle will also heal better from each dart point. A high-quality bristle board like the Shot Bandit or Bandit Duro board has around 3.7 million fibres compressed into each board.


Choose a bristle board that’s been sanded in multiple directions. This gives the board a finer playing surface that allows the bristle to heal better and last longer.


Look for colours that go deep into the bristle. This will make sure the board’s markings stay visible longer, and lower any glare. You can even buy boards with eco-friendly, food grade inks with all of these benefits.


Look for blades that are superfine, to deflect darts into scoring areas and reduce your bounce outs. Fine bladed wires also improve visibility.


Wire width and design are even more important in the bullseye. Choose a bristle board with razor blade wire around the inner and outer bull.


Try to choose a dartboard mounting system with a wall bracket that makes it easy to hang your dartboard. That will help when you need to rotate the dartboard. A board with a partially pre-assembled bracket makes life easier. Although if you’ve ever put together an IKEA bookshelf – you’ve pretty much earned an engineering degree and mounting a dartboard will be no problem.

So now you’ve chosen a top-notch bristle dartboard. How should you look after it?

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