Troubleshooting - Bent Dart Points

Troubleshooting - Bent Dart Points

A bent dart point can be hugely annoying, but the good news is it does not mean your beloved darts are unable to be used again. 

Much like flights and shafts, steel tip points are an interchangeable part of a dart and can be replaced.

Shot Darts uses quality points in our darts, manufactured to the industry standard in England.  Strong dart points will bend as opposed to breaking. If they break entirely, they are too soft or too brittle, and there’s a chance they will snap inside the barrel, so a bent point is best, as it means no long term damage to the dart barrel.

Replacement points can be ordered separately and this can give you the option to experiment with different point lengths and options like additional grip pre-applied. We recommend investing in a good quality dart repointing tool for do it yourself point replacement. This strong device is designed primarily to deal with broken points, or if you just want to change style or length of your points.  It’s easy to use, and we think it's an essential part of any darts set up. 

To minimise the risk of bent points we also recommend using a good quality bladed board like The Bandit which will prevent bounce outs, and investing in a dartboard surround and dart mat to protect your points for those times the darts go astray and hit the wall or floor. 

If you are still stuck and need help re-pointing your Shot Darts, then please get in touch with us.