Dart Practise

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Darts is no different to any other sport. I am a firm believer that the more you put in, the more you take out.

Heres' a few practice tips:

1. I find whenever practicing seriously it is important to put pressure on yourself, a bit like replicating a tournament situation. I don't see the point of just throwing darts without a purpose or some type of competition in every practice. Set a tough target score to your level of ability. Set tough but realistic targets to strive for and beat.

2. When practicing I prefer shorter more intensive sessions.I find it better to have a bit of a break and then go again and so on. I think that is more useful than long sessions where you can lose focus.

3. When looking for improvement don't be afraid to try out various combinations of shafts and flights to suit your type of dart, or even try a new dart. Sometimes the slightest change can make a big difference. Another positive of doing this is it will give you much more motivation to want to throw darts at the board. Just like a golfer wanting to get to the driving range or golf course with a new set of golf clubs. Shot Darts have a vast range of equipment to suit every player's needs.

4 .I think it is important to make your practice enjoyable and not a chore by coming up with new refreshing games and ideas.

5. If practicing with another player, ideally you want to play with someone who is of similar ability or better than yourself if possible.

Good darts everyone.

Craig Caldwell CC