Practice and pain

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By Scotty Burnett

Let me start by saying, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice!

Playing through the pain. All walks of professional sportsman must do this at some point. Most times it doesn't work out so well. Sometimes it does. Is there a way to prepare for it? I am currently going through some business with my right knee. I have had this knee scoped roughly 15 years ago. My meniscus was over sized and was getting pinched in my knee joint. A quick repair and some fluid drainage and it's pretty much problem free. For about 14 years that is. Now dealing with some arthritis for the past 10ish years was to be expected when the weather turned cold. But the last year has seen some new pains. Still waiting on results, will keep you guys updated!

But this begs an important question. How do you practice hurt? Well I am doing it as we speak. After coming off the Dartslive USA Open (which was Fantastic!) I have pain in my knee again. So I am hitting the practice board pain and all. I am certainly not going to dive into a 3 hour session. But what little I learn over the next few weeks playing injured, may just save my match life one day! Why not practice a stroke not leaning so much on my right knee? Why not practice a little more parallel approach to the board. Normally my plant foot (right foot) is about 60 degrees (10 o'clock). This is my natural stance, and I like it quite well. I am going to play around with a more 0 degree or 12 o'clock stance. Maybe 65%/35% weight ratio. Compared to my front loaded 90%/10% natural stance. I guess the main point of this article is, find a way to practice stuff you would not normally practice! Take a disadvantage, and turn it into something you can possibly learn from. Be prepared for days that you have to play 2 sessions of first to 13!! Remember what you played around with when your wheels were a little flat, and you may just save your own tournament life one day!

Until next time.

Scotty Burnett