Pro Tour Prep 2

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By Alex Roy

This month, my hints and tips are all about my preparation routine for a tournament. Being prepared can make all the difference in being relaxed and ready!

If I am going to play in a tournament on a Saturday, I would practice for two hours the evening before. This would be on doubles, then outshots, then finally scoring. I then make sure I have my Shot Darts shirt all organised and ready to go. I am lucky enough that I have several dart shirts to choose from. I like to listen to music when I am practicing so I would charge up my ipod as well. Usually I aim for 7 to 8 hours sleep; it is really important to get a good nights sleep. When I awake the next morning I can shower, get ready and then loosen up my arm by practicing on my practice board I usually take with me. Around 30 minutes is all it takes. A good breakfast is really important and then I head to the venue. I also now take a lunch with me if it is a venue I have never played at before. This is usually pasta as it is full of energy, fruit and energy bars also. You may laugh at this but I strongly believe that you need to keep your energy levels up if you want to last all day in a tournament. If you do your preparation the night before you will be more relaxed the next day, in no rush, and you can give it your all at each and every tournament you play in.

Good luck, keep practicing and I will speak too you all soon.