Raymond Smith


DATE OF BIRTH December 1979

What it means to be a Shot Darts Player

" I have been a fan of the work Shot have done in my home state of Queensland and the Shot Darts Young Guns initiative, so having the ability to work with the next generation of players as a Shot Darts Player is a dream scenario." .. Raymond Smith

When did you start playing darts?

Raymond has been playing darts on and off since he was 18 years of age, playing a few Friday nights at home.  A few of his friends would throw in a dollar and play 101 best of 1.

Highest Darting Achievements

  • 2023 World Darts Championship Qualifier
  • 2022 Sunshine State Singles Champion
  • 2022 William Hill World Darts Championship
  • 2021 North Queensland Classic Men - Winner
  • 2021 DPA Oceanic Masters 2021 - Quarterfinalist
  • 2018 World Championships Qualifier
  • 2018 #1 Australian Ranked
  • 2018 Brisbane Darts Masters Quarter Finalist
  • Australian Doubles Winner
  • Australian Singles Winner
  • Top 32 Winmau World Masters
  • Top 32 Lakeside World Championship
  • 2015 Australian Representative would be hard to top.
  • 2015 Australian Singles and Doubles Winner
  • 2013 Australian Mixed Doubles Winner


Any other points of interest?

"I am very routine orientated when it comes to tournaments. I’m methodical about practice and put a big emphasis on throwing straight to make bad shots are 60 at least. (which isn’t that bad). And I like to play double double on a pro trainer a week out from tournaments, as I find it really tightens my technique. In 2015 I made a game called frustration which I attribute a lot of my success to.

Dart Tips

1.  Don’t waste bad days. They will happen and if you don’t learn anything they will happen more frequently. If you’re having a bad game, try figure out why and work on it in your practice. Getting grumpy won’t fix the issue.

2.  The game doesn’t need to be complicated and goals are a lot closer than you think.

3.  Never be afraid to ask questions or approach anyone for hints and tips. This isn’t just limited to the top tier players. A 3rd division player could be a sports scientist. (It’s true!)

4.  Set your goals on what you want to achieve and try break down the maths on how you are going to achieve it. Then build your practice routing to match your goals.

5.  Once you reach your goal, reset your goals to the next step in chasing your dream.