Robbie Phillips



Robbie's been a sponsored player with Shot Darts for several years, hailing back to Puma Darts days and counts as part of the family, the tribe. The North Carolina based player spends a lot of time sponsoring youth players in his area and around the USA.  



"My new darts have a consistent grip the whole length of the barrel that has made it easier to throw if it's dry or humid. Ultra-precise machining by Shot Darts means my darts have unmatched quality. And I love the smooth barrel nose because it helps me grab the dart the same every time. They are the best darts I have ever thrown and they inspire me to become the best player I can. Confidence in your equipment translates to confidence in your game and with these darts, the sky is the limit" ....Robbie Phillips


How long playing darts:

Robbie's parents played darts when he was a child and he earned a spot on their league team when he was 13, joining an adult league in 1996  and he hasn't looked back!

"I feel a great deal of pride to have an outstanding company believe in me.  It makes me want to become an even better player to represent myself and Shot Darts" .... Robbie Phillips


Career Highlights:

  • 2019 Las Vegas Open 501 Champion
  • 2019 Las Vegas Open Cricket Runner Up
  • 2019 Virginia Beach Pro Cricket Runner Up
  • 2019 Virginia Beach Cricket Semi-final
  • 2019 Aim for Easters 501 and Cricket Champion
  • 2018 Gold Medalist in the WDF America's Cup in Trinidad
  • 2018 Summer Shootout 501 & Cricket Champion
  • 2018 Wreck at the Deck 501 & Cricket Champion
  • 2018 St. Patrick's Tournament 501 & Cricket Champion
  • 2017 Celebrate the New Year 501 Champion
  • 2017 St. Patrick's Tournament 501 Champion
  • 2017 Garden City Classic Cricket Champion
  • 2017 WDF World Cup Overall Bronze Medalist in Kobe, Japan.