Ryan Avellino

Ryan Avellino

DATE OF BIRTH December 2005
NICKNAME The Express

I got started playing darts because of my parents! For as long as I can remember, there has been a dartboard set up in our house. I would watch them play until one day I asked, “Can I try?” they said, “absolutely!” and started to teach me.

A few months after I first started, I let my mom and dad know that I’d like to try to play in a youth event. I was 10/11 at the time, and I just wanted to play and have fun. I placed 2nd in my age group and thought, “oh, I like this”, and started to play more each day. 5 months later; I won my first NC State Youth (under 13) Championship.

I already had the darting bug but then this playing competitively thing got ahold of me and has not let go since. I love the game of darts, the competition, learning to “play the board”, improving my game each day and seeing how far I can take it.

As for practice tips, well, practice, practice, practice! I do a few different things as I feel variety is important, at least for me. One session I work on singles & doubles. Next session will be triples and bulls or a mixture. Another session will be only cricket numbers & 170 or 121.

One routine I do everyday was given to me by a good friend. You score as high as possible for 30 turns (90 darts). Record your score from this. Then throw 9 darts at every cricket number (20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, B), add up the total number of marks you hit and multiply that by 5. Keep track of that. Then throw 3 darts at every double around the board, and multiply that end result by 10. Add up your total score & see where you are at. From the outset, set a goal (ex: 2600) for yourself for this routine and see what you come up with. Then proceed from there. It has helped me improve my averages as well as accuracy.

I also use dart connect to practice long format play as well use JDC Virtual and play online via camera. I do practice with my parents, and we have spirited competitions on the regular at home! One random thing we do is someone calls for an outshot, but it cannot be in a traditional way if it can be done. It’s fun and it makes you think!

Any tips I can offer would be to remember to breathe, you’re playing the board! Take any and all advice, critique and/or wisdom someone offers to you. It’s all valuable. Above all have fun! You are throwing a pointy stick at a corkboard!

Walk on Song: Fade to Black - Metallica

Highest Darting Achievements

  • 2021 Charlotte Open Youth Champion
  • 2021 Virgina Beach Classic Youth Champion