Tori Kewish



What it means to be a Shot Darts Player

"I was picked up by Shot! when I was just starting off and became a Young Gun. It helped me realise that I should keep going, keep playing because I now have the support of a huge and well known company behind me. It's a great feeling knowing that Shot! believes in me and it makes me want to do better and make them proud that they've chosen to sponsor me! Especially for so many years now!" ... Tori Kewish


What you like about your darts

"They're very long and the barrel is dead straight. With the way I throw they go into the board nice and hard and because I throw quite hard the straight barrel helps my dart to move through the air straight." ... Tori Kewish


When did you start playing darts?

Tori started playing darts at the age of 14.  Tori's Dad (Steve Kewish) has played darts for a very long time and Tori decided to give it a go and it worked out well, and she really enjoyed it so kept playing.


Highest Darting Achievements

  • 2022 Sunshine State Singles Champion
  • Current Ranking Australian Women’s No 1Won 6 Grand Prix Major Events in 2017-2018
  • Australian Masters
  • Castle Classic 2018
  • West Coast Classic 2018
  • Murray Bridge 2017
  • Anzac Day Classic 2017
  • Pacific Masters 2017
  • Vandiemans Classic 2017
  • Current Australian Singles Champion
  • Qualified for Winmau 2017
  • Represented Australia at Kobe Japan 2017
  • Winner of the Singles events at  last Junior Championships - Australian singles, Australian Youth Masters and Pacific Masters
  • Playing for the senior state team at the age of 16
  • Making the finals of the Australian singles
  • Making top 8 averages
  • Winning Rookie of the Year


Any other points of interest?

Tori's Dad, Steve Kewish has played for the Victorian state team a couple of times.


Darting Tips

"As a young player it's important to play because you enjoy it and love the game. Don't add pressure on, get upset because you're not winning or playing well. It's important to enjoy it!"... Tori Kewish