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By Ken "Silverdart" MacNeil

Hello Shot fans and followers, this month I'm not going to talk about technique or equipment. I would like to talk about drive, determination and believing in yourself.

Let me start by saying this quote " One of the best feelings in the world is when you accomplish something that nobody believed you could do". There are many great dart players in the world, but the top ones are the ones who never give up no matter what anyone says to them or belittles them for trying. These elite players believe in themselves and their abilities to achieve feats that nobody ever said they could do. I have been playing darts a long time and one of the many things I have learned is nothing beats experience. You only gain experience by never giving up and continue on competing. No matter how hard you get knocked down you must get back up and keep working at your goals.

Without goals you'll never go anywhere. You need goals to stay focused on the overall achievement. Losing is one of the best things that can happen to you when you start out playing. I'm not saying this to be negative but almost the exact opposite. Losing can be a very positive attribute depending on how you bounce back after a tough loss. On a personal note this year at the world cup myself and John Part had a chance to make history and knock out the number one and number two players in the world, a dream come true for any player. We were definitely on song to do it because the night before I beat Phil Taylor (the best player ever to toe the oche) and John beat Adrian Lewis who is current World Champion. Anyways it was not meant to be and we lost in a sudden game playoff. My point in telling this story is to show people no matter how hard the loss you have to come back and fight. If you believe in yourself and put in the hard work practicing and most important playing the tournaments against other players, there is no reason you cannot achieve whatever you want. If anybody tells you that you can't do it, you have to block all the negative out of your thoughts and push even harder to acheive your goal, you are not doing it to get back at the non-believers but for your own self belief.

Ken " Silverdart" MacNeil "BELIEVE"