How to set up a dart lane at home

How to set up a dart lane at home

While dartboards themselves don't take up much space, you may want to create a specific darts zone in your games room or garage. And because safety always comes first, your dart lane should be out of the way of doors and through traffic. If you’re not sure where to set everything up, check out these suggestions for where to hang your dartboard.

To get started, the absolute basics are a dartboard and some darts. But let’s face it, new toys are fun, and the extras we’ve listed in this article are handy for protecting your space and improving your game.

With that in mind, here’s all you need for a ‘full noise’ dart lane set up at home.

First, pick your dartboard

If you’re an absolute beginner, you may go for a cheap n’ cheerful paperboard dartboard, and that’s fine. But if you want something that you and the family can keep playing on for years, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more and get a bristle dartboard. There’s a reason we’ve been making the Bandit Bristle Dartboard since 1992. This dartboard has earned itself a bit of a cult following, thanks to its high quality bristles and superfine staple-free razor-bladed wires (which prevent bounce outs). If it’s likely to see a lot of action, consider the extra durable Bandit Duro.

Like darts with that?

If you choose a dartboard on its own, rather than an all-in-one darts set up, you’ll need to grab some darts too. Luckily, you are in exactly the right place to do that! Choosing the right dart barrel all comes down to your budget, throwing style and personal preference. Make sure you include a spare set in your darts set up for other players!

How does a surround sound?

A Dartboard Surround is a bit of a multi-tasker: it’ll protect your walls from stray darts, while protecting your stray darts from walls. Nice one. After all, even seasoned players throw wide of the mark now and then.  

The all-in-one option

If you’re on a budget, or new to this whole darts thing, a really good option is to get an all-in-one darts set up like the Outlaw Tournament Dartboard Set.  It’s got everything you need to start playing a social game, including a professional grade dartboard, 6 darts, a surround to protect your walls, and a throwline, to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Kit-out in a cabinet

If you’re sharing the rec room, it’s great to keep all your dart gear safely stowed in one place. The Renegade tournament sized dartboard is crafted in top quality bristle board and comes ready for play with 6 darts, scoreboards, dart holders and the only rules you need. Should you need to hide it from prying eyes, its robust black laminate cabinet with quality spring loaded brass hinges will prove very useful indeed.

Prevent floor flaws

Nothing stops play like whopping great gouges in the restored hardwood. Protect those floors and play on, with a quality T-shaped Dart Mat which has a built-in oche, so you can take that duct tape throw line off the carpet. The bonus is, it’ll keep your dart points sharp too. Which will help you score more of the other sort of dart points.

Lighten up!

Introducing your luxury item – a specialised dartboard lighting system. A dedicated light to shine on the dartboard and dart scoreboard is good for your game, especially if your darts lane is in a dark space like a basement or garage. A light that’s specially made for a dartboard surround – like the Termote Plus 2.0 LED Bullet lighting system – is tough enough to catch darts without getting damaged. Try doing that to a regular lightbulb (no, don’t really).

So there you have it – Now all you need is some mates, a legendary darts match playlist, a game face to bring, and it’s on!