Darts Warm Up Routine

Darts Warm Up Routine

Whatever skill or experience level you’re at, all darts players could benefit from a warm-up and practice routine, like the one recommended to us here by Scotty Burnett.

“I use this basic warm-up routine for just about any situation. It's a quick 15ish minute exercise to get you loosened up and dialled in on the board. From there you can start a league, play in a tournament, or get into heavy practice off of this warm-up session.”

20/20 revision

“I generally aim to throw nothing but 20s (or at the bull soft tip) for about ten minutes. More than anything, this gets the wheels greased and your arm loose. Focus more on your extension and follow through in this time, and not so much on where the dart is going. Remember, you are only loosening up.”

Cricket practice

“I will then spend the next five or so minutes picking off cricket numbers. Start at the 20s and move to 19, 18 etc. finishing on the bull. Then spend a few more minutes working on the most common out shots. If you’re experienced, focus on getting all three darts in the 20 segment, before moving on to 19, then 18 and so on.”

Double down

“Then for your out shots work on your D16, D8, D4, D20, D10 combos. Score all three darts; don't move to another double out shot until you hit the one you're going for in three darts. Really experienced players will want to score five or more marks on the cricket numbers before moving on to the next. Your 01 outs to warm up on should be 41-80. Any order or any out in that range is fine. You should be focused on hitting your set up darts as well as your doubles in this routine at this level.”

I want you to hit at least seven marks on the cricket numbers before moving on; and random 3 dart outs just to get you dialled in on set up and tripping before taking a shot at the double ring.