Practise Game 2

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By Alex Roy

For my hints and tips this month, I thought I would you give you some games for when practicing...

When practicing, set yourself time limits. I start by going around the dartboard on doubles from 1 to 20, then the bullseye. I try to hit them all within 10 minutes. Then starting at 80 go for out shots from 80 to 100, but I cannot finish on the bullseye. This mean you have to hit trebles and doubles more. This after a while will become easier but is hard at first. I believe at first this should be done in 30 to 40 minutes. I can do this in 10 to 15 minutes now. After doing both games, I then start on the twenties. I throw and try and score 80 or more in two darts. If I do this I throw the last dart at the double 1. If I hit all three I repeat this but go at double 2, with the last dart and so on through to double 20. It is very hard to do so I give myself a time limit of 30 minutes. Try all these games and trust me your game will improve by 50%. Remember that finishing is the way you win games.

Good luck

Alex Roy "The ace of hearts"