Three routines for dart practise

Three routines for dart practise
Anyways remember long hours of practice can help improve your darts game, but keep in mind, quality is better than quantity.  Here are a couple of good practice games to play to help yourself in games when under pressure.

Bullseye 500
This is an easy routine to remember but not so easy to complete. The rules are easy so here goes: The object of the games is to score 500 points on the bullseye without missing or bouncing a dart, remember the outer ring on the bull is 25 pts and the dead centre bull is 50 points, this is a great game because a lot of games are decided on shooting the bullseye, therefore this game should help with this part of your game.

121 in 6 or run of 5
This is a very good game to handle pressure out shots when the opponent is on a 3 dart out. The object of the game is to finish 121 in 6 darts or less.  If it is taken out in 6 or less you move up to 122 and do the same thing for each number after you complete the said outshot. If you happen to take out the shot in 3 darts then the next number is your new starting number ( for example if you take out 121 in 3 darts then your new starting number is 122), If you take out 5 finishes in a row, you keep going up in numbers ( for example you take out 121 up to 126 in 6 or less then your new starting finish will be the number you miss next time around. You do this game until you have taken out all finishes up to 170. After you play this routine a few times it gets easier to remember, and it's a great game to play with a partner as well.

80 plus
This is another easy game to remember the rules, this game keeps you from getting bored at throwing just same trebles and doubles all the time. The rules for this game is you start on an outshot of 80, you only have 3 darts to take out all outshots remember, so you shoot for and 80 and if you finish you move up ten points to 90, if you miss the 80 in 3 darts you drop down to 79. So every time you hit the shot in 3 darts you go up ten points and you go down 1 point if you miss. This game can take a lot of patience so don’t get discouraged and have fun with it.

We hope you enjoy these practice games when you are training at home or with a friend, remember have fun with them and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t do well right away, practice is just too make your competitive game stronger and more consistent, remember quality not quantity so focus on every throw.