Zen - A New Set of Essentials

Shot Darts Zen Dart Range Design Story

With the release of the original Zen line up last year, the darts world embraced its philosophy and the range’s straightforward barrels. Each one with the quality and attention to detail that comes from being made at the Shot Factory in New Zealand. 

The Zen philosophy says 'prioritise carefully, and choose only the essentials'. While the outside world may be chaos, at the oche all is still within. Zen is the quiet time players spend getting into the zone where it’s just them and the board.

At Shot, we’ve heard from newbies and veteran players worldwide that darts is the thing that has been and is still getting them through tough times. It’s given home-bound people something positive to focus on, and something fun they can share. And it’s had an amazing ripple effect, growing the game to become a fixture in homes. We’re proud to promote a game that’s so inclusive and accessible.

With that in mind, the theme of 2021 Zen is: In chaos, we seek calm. 

After the success of the first releases, we’ve added four updated designs in the Zen range. All are re-imagined designs of classic favourite shapes and grips – with a fresh look and a new chapter in the Zen story. 

Budo was designed with new players in mind. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this barrel in terms of scoring and confidence building. All-rounders Budo and Jutsu – the 80% tungsten barrels in this range – are tailor made for any player getting to grips with the game, and a great base kit to work with.

The enlightening Satori is for the players who like to throw a little further back from centre. (Yup, we know you don’t always get looked after.) Our designer Luke is especially proud of Tanto, he spent many hours perfecting its trademark aggressive grip that feels both comfortable in your hand and effortless on release.

The entire Zen Range is waiting for you to pick it up and play now! 



Zen Satori Steel-Tip Dart
Zen Tanto Steel-Tip Dart
Zen Jutsu Steel-Tip Dart
Zen Budu Steel-Tip Dart
 Zen Satori Soft-Tip Dart
Zen Tanto Soft-Tip Dart
Zen Jutsu Soft-Tip Dart
Zen Budu Soft-Tip Dart