Inked Dart Wallet - Knot Design Story

Inked Dart Wallet - Knot Design Story

At Shot, we strive to create something unexpected, explore other eras and cultures, and offer something fresh and unique to dart players who love a story with a little grit. 

For our Inked Dart case, 'Knot' we played into inspiration we've been more than a little obsessed about. The base design is from the looped square or Saint Haines (from Swedish, Danish and Scandinavian origins) cross which is about having luck and protection. 

It's a similar design to our flights we released for Swedish darts pro Daniel Larsson - from an ancient Scandinavian symbol for good luck, this knot design is known in Swedish as sankthanskors, in Danish johanneskors, and Finnish †hannunvaakuna.

The middle weave to tie them together is all about unity and community which is a nod to our extended darts family, which we absolutely love being part of. 

The entire Inked Dart Wallet Range is available now! 

 OmakiKnot Black, Skulls Grey, Skulls Tan